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March in Instagram

Having posted my February recap so late, it seems silly to be doing this one already. But now that everything is back up & running smoothly on the blog, I want to get back to my regular posting schedule.

March felt mostly pretty quiet, for the most part. It was the first month in a while that we didn’t have anything huge going on. N worked extra to make up for taking vacation so it really didn’t feel like he was around much, & honestly, I guess he wasn’t. I managed to fill my time with friends & family though and we made the most of it when he was home at the end of the month for Easter. I think we’re both a bit over the two weeks away, one week home schedule &, unfortunately, he’s only about halfway through. We often lament that we don’t understand how people do this for years. Kudos to you if you do, but it’s not something we want to continue indefinitely if we can avoid it.

Anyway, here’s what we got up to in March according to Instagram.

March Instagram Recap 2016

  1. With daylight savings, came longer after-work hours. It’s always a little tough to go back to waking in the dark, but I prefer having more daylight after work.
  2. Mom treated me to a lovely dinner at Divino for #bigtasteyyc. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal & had a great evening together. Thanks, mom!
  3. We’ve had a killer spring so far. I can already tell that this upper balcony view is going to become a staple for me. I’m working on the hammock set up & will be chilling rosė for summer evenings out there.
  4. Dinner with two of my oldest Calgary friends. When Alli told me she’d be in town from Vienna, I was so excited that we could make a dinner date happen. Bonus that Robbie decided to cook us a delicious curry & let me play with his adorable pup!
  5. Parties at H & Z‘s house mean puppy cuddles all night. Benny puts up with a lot from us! He’s a good sport despite our shenanigans.
  6. Back at Meet Eat Compete this month. We had a big group this time & discovered two new great games. Now to decide who’s buying Deception. ?
  7. My dad’s pizza is one of my favourites. He makes a mean crust, mom makes the best sauce, & they always scout out the best toppings. It’s always a Good Friday (haha) when we get pizza at the lake!
  8. Brought back some tequila from Mexico & tested in our margaritas. They turned out dangerously delicious. Sipping them in the hot tub almost made me feel like I was back on vacation.
  9. We had a great day skiing Panorama with my family. The snow wasn’t fantastic, but the weather couldn’t have been better, the company was wonderful, & the views get me every time.

What did you get up to last month? Any great Big Taste finds this year?


& we’re back!


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  1. Janna

    Escoba big taste was delish’. Side note: they have half priced house wine “until oil goes back up” whatever that means exactly?? haha. I love Divino, you’ve made me wanna go back there soon! And Blink too.

    • whoalansi

      Ooo I’ve still never been to Escoba & it’s right near my office! Uhhh half priced house wine sounds AWESOME. I might have to get over there ASAP! haha.

      Isn’t Divino so cute? I’d only been once before for wine & cheese, but dinner was also awesome! & I need to try Blink!

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