London Olympic Pool

These Olympics. Wow,  these Olympics have been incredible. The women’s teams have put on an impressive showing so far, & I’m especially proud of the Canadian women’s swim team.

I know Swimming Canada promised to turn the program around more than a decade ago, but I still wasn’t completely prepared for them to follow through on that promise. The women’s team has stepped up this year. They’re here to show the world what they’re made of & I couldn’t be happier about it.

I’ve always loved the water, so it wasn’t a stretch when I decided I wanted to try my hand at racing. Over the next 8 years, competitive swimming became my passion. I lived, breathed, ate, & drank the koolaid (chlorine-aid?). I’d finally found my sport & it was my everything.

When it came time to “retire”, I wasn’t ready to leave the pool behind. I took on a team manager role for the Dinos &  started volunteering as an assistant coach for my former club team, UCSC. It was an incredible experience. I coached for several years before moving away for school. During that time I met so many great kids (who I’m now more likely to watch swim on TV or run into at the office. How’s that for making you feel old!). Maybe I shaped them, but I hope that, at the very least, the sport did. The sport shaped me like little else would, & I can only hope it did the same for them.

This week, I’ve watched these incredible women race their hearts out. They’ve blown me away. I’ve cried from sheer happiness for each of their successes, be it a podium finish, a PR, or simply a really tough race. Each has left me overcome with emotions & pride. This is what I’ve always hoped Canadian swimming could be. This is inspiring. They’re making history & I’m so happy to bear witness. I couldn’t  have dreamed up a better Olympic games performance, & it’s not even over yet!

This is everything I hoped for and more.