ODIN (2)

I’m a little bit behind on this month’s post, & honestly, it’s mostly going to be photos. I figure that probably isn’t an issue though. Who doesn’t like puppy photos?!

Odin Stampede

Stampede Puppy Party

O & N

Penny & Odin

Penny & Odin

Penny & Odin, BFFs

Odin Cuddles

This month was a busy one for us, & Odin spent some time with his “cousin”, Penny. Those two can play for hours. Penny really holds her own too, even though she’s a fraction of the size. Developmentally, I’m noticing the biggest leaps in the way Odin plays with others. At 16 weeks, he was much more aloof & didn’t really know how to mouth them gently. He is still nippier than an older dog, but he’s learning!

Puppy Party

Puppy Party

Puppy Party

Odin Odin


Adorable bandana from Bark YYC. Thanks Jan!!

He also had a couple opportunities to play with Willow, my friend D’s three-legged rescue. She’s an incredible dog, but the first time they played, Odin was so young & had no idea how to handle her play style. Now they chase each other around & roll & jump. It’s so fun to watch him figure it out. She has this absolutely lovely backyard right behind Nosehill park that I suspect we’ll be frequenting pretty often for puppy playdates.


Reppin’ FFPK



New Mat Odin

new mat

He also did some swimming this month. First in a pool at daycare & then in the lake. I wish I had saved the snapchat videos I made, but I totally dropped the ball on that one. I do have some pretty cute photos of him in the water with me though. We managed to get him to jump off the back of the boat twice on his own before he got scared. To be fair, it did seem pretty high for him, so I’m quite proud of him for being so brave! (I tried to group all the little swimming photos together, cuz I can’t choose which to post!) He was a total gem out at the lake & we had a great weekend with my parents!

Odin Swimming

Swimming Lessons

Odin Doggy Paddlin'

Doggy Paddlin’


Always watching us in the water

O & N

My Boys


Dad & Odin


Odin sleeps

Tired, wet pup

Odin still doesn’t love being left alone, but he deals with it much better. A couple weeks ago, I decided to take away his puppy pad since he was just eating them & the idea of him ingesting the weird absorbent goo bothered me, & he’s had relatively few “accidents”. I still bike him every day at lunch to let him out & give him some lunch, but he’s doing a great job at making it for four hours.

Odin & Adam

Odin & Adam

Watchdog Odin

Watch Dawg


On Your Mat

On our mats! 😉


We still tend to go through a rough patch after N leaves. I think his schedule really confuses Odin. It’s tough going from having your buddy home all day to never seeing him. Poor guy is probably so confused. That rough patch seems so far behind us now though. We’ve moved on to a new one: eating. At first, I thought he was just teething, but we went to the vet & he might actually have some worms. We’ve got some antibiotics so he should be on the mend now. I’m hoping that’s the solution. I miss my happy little eater!

Odin's Gift

Our friends got N a lovely little gift!

Odin & Vi

Odin & Vi are the sweetest together!




Odin spoons monkey

Spooning Garth

I’ve tried to narrow down the photos on this post. When I first uploaded them, there were 75. It’s tough though with an adorable mug like Odin’s. Everyone thinks their pup is the cutest, & I am certainly no exception.

Happy 5 month birthday, Odin! You’re almost half a year. I love watching you grow & going on adventures. I can’t wait for everything in store in the coming months!


Mom (& Dad)