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October in Instagram

I think this is the earliest I’ve posted an Instagram recap in years. Success! If everything goes according to plan, I’ll finally get my SeaWheeze post up this week too. Registration is coming up pretty quickly, so my goal is to get it finished before that. Sometimes I just need to give myself deadlines! The new bullet journal moleskine I picked up this week is really helping in that department too. I am a sucker for a new notebook, & I even got some coloured pens to keep it fun! We’ll see if these doodles last. They’re fun right now, but one of the best things about bullet journaling has been its simplicity. Only time will tell!

Anyway, here’s what we go up to in October according to Instagram:


  1. At the beginning of the month, I took a roadtrip out to Invermere with my favourite Paralympian, Morgan Bird. We helped out (& swam a little) with their training camp & fun meet. She gave a fantastic talk to the kids of CVSC & GGSC.
  2. This slow cooker chili has quickly become a favourite of mine. It’s like eating hot wings, but it’s paleo. Throw everything in the slow cooker the night before & come home to this delicious chili. I’m obsessed.
  3. Our first snowfall came pretty late this year, by Calgary standards. Odin didn’t really know what to make of it, but I think he ended up loving it. I can’t wait til we get a really good dump so he can play more. It’s hilarious!
  4. I made my second turkey all by myself. This year, I went over to my parents & used their incredible kitchen. Seriously, their range is a dream. Thanksgiving dinner turned out fantastic too. 😉
  5. I’m totally hooked on November Project. What started as part of my Healthy Living Challenge in September has turned into something I look forward to every week. If you’ve been on the fence about checking it out, I’m there every Wednesday (& some Mondays). Come drink the kool-aid!
  6. Some version of this sausage & vegetable noodle “pasta” in on the menu every week at our house. Usually it involves tomato sauce (my go-to recipe here. Sorry about the terrible photos!), but this time I simplified with roasted red pepper, goat cheese, & herbs. Simple & delicious!
  7. Our Bitches be Brunchin’ crew hit Batl Axe this month. We had a great time! If you’ve been thinking about trying your hand at axe throwing, I’d highly recommend it.
  8. We made huge strides with our house this month & it’s really looking like our home. We painted a lot of the main floor, hung vintage shelves from my grandparents, & bought a media console for the record player & our games. I love how it’s coming together.
  9. For Halloween this year, we dressed up as characters from the Wizard of Oz. I made my costume from scratch (putting my grade 8 sewing skills to the test) & N pulled a tin man costume together on short notice. Odin went as himself, our little lion man. It’s going to be hard to top this year!

Do you like to dress up for Halloween? Do you make your costume from scratch or buy one from a store? 

September in Instagram

I feel like I’ve done so many recap style posts lately. I skipped last month’s IG recap though, so I wanted to make sure I got this one in. I really do like looking back on these, so I’m keeping them around for now! I promise I have some more exciting posts coming soon. I have a seawheeze draft going & a spring in Montreal post too, so there’s some travel stuff coming if that’s your jam! Here’s what we got up to in September, according to Instagram: instaport

  1. I kicked off the month with November Project at McMahon Stadium. This group of people is so awesome, & I’ve been loving the workouts every Monday & Wednesday morning!
  2. Stopped at Storm Mountain Lodge for the first time & fell in love. We’ve since booked an overnight stay in one of their cabins.
  3. This summer we were treated to so many local vegetables from friends’ gardens in the valley. These heirloom tomatoes were incredible! I think my parents are going to have to plant a garden soon so we can have some of our own.
  4. Wine touring around Kelowna. We spent a fabulous day drinking & learning about wine with Experience Wine Tours. I’ll write more about that later though – they deserve a real review!
  5. With some fabulous ladies & Bobby & Karla’s Summerhill wedding. It was so incredible to experience a Summerhill wedding as guests. We loved every minute. Great venue choice! 😉
  6. Beakernight was such a huge success this year. From the venue, to the installations, everything went off without a hitch!
  7. When all your friends are in town & the weather’s nice, the Last Best patio is the place to be. With so many of our friends working out of town, we definitely have to make an effort to get together when we’re all here!
  8. Eating healthy all month wasn’t actually a huge challenge, especially since paleo allows for a lot of great food. These pumpkin pancakes from Practical Paleo are a long standing favourite of mine. Quick, easy, delicious: my kind of trifecta.
  9. These boys of mine are the best. I love watching them together, & can’t wait til N is back in town permanently so they can spend more quality time together.

That’s it for this month’s recap. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends. This recap is a perfect example of just how much I have to me thankful for. xx

July in Instagram

& just like that we’re halfway through the summer. How does this time of year always go by so quickly?! I think it’s likely because there is so much going on in the beginning of July. We kick things off with Canada Day & then it’s go go go from there, with Stampede & my own birthday as well. It was a fantastic month, & I’m a little sad it’s already over, but here’s what we got up to, according to Instagram.


  1. Celebrating the lovely Karla with a wine tasting, brunch, Banff Springs spa day, dinner, & party bus bar crawl. Such a fun weekend with a great group of ladies!  #gettinghutched
  2. Odin got his first haircut & looks adorable. Since his cut, you can really see how long his legs are. He looks like a gangly teenager instead of a little fluff ball!
  3. We kicked off Stampede week by spending the first Saturday at our favourite tent, Nashville North. Dancing, great friends, & many rounds of drinks made for a fun night!
  4. Week two of Stampede, we were back at it. This time we met up with more of N’s friends & his sister & her friends. It was a hilarious (& ridiculous) night at the tent!
  5. Our delicious birthday (x3) meal at the Nash with my family. My birthday this year was all about great eats.
  6. Another birthday dinner, this time with my girl friends. We shared an incredible assortment of wine & small plates, & the totally spoiled me. My friends are fantastic!
  7. Dog Party! My best friend bought a house & it has this INCREDIBLE backyard. It’s seriously the best! We’re excited for many many dog parties. I love watching our pups play!
  8. Backyard wine dates with my work wife. She’s a member of Kelowna Female Family Photos, an awesome cancer fundraising group. We love their apparel. These tanks are the softest & comfiest I’ve ever worn! Check ’em out – it’s for a good cause so you don’t even have to feel guilty.
  9. We took little O out to the lake this weekend & did some swimming. He jumped off the back of the boat twice (to save me, of course), but isn’t super stoked about it. It’s a little high for him right now. He really enjoyed swimming for sticked off the shore though. He’s gonna be a water baby!

August & September are a little bit slower than July, which should be nice. I’m running the #Seawheeze next weekend, but the rest of the month is really chill. I think we will likely celebrate our wedding anniversary with a nice dinner, so if you have any suggestions, let me know (maybe Royale?!). Then in September, N gets knee surgery & we head to wedding in Kelowna. I can’t wait to pick up some more wine & celebrate a lovely couple.

Did you find this month flew by, or was it just me? How are you making the most of the rest of your summer? 

Thirty One\\ My Birthday Weekend


Thirty one. I guess I’m officially a 30-something now. My birthday was on Saturday & I spent pretty much the entire weekend celebrating. I got completely spoiled by both my friends & family.

To kick things off, I took Odin to daycare on Friday, which meant I got to join my coworkers for lunch. We went to a new spot (Backwards) nearby. It’s a restaurant by day & nightclub once the sun sets. They have a $10 lunch special this month & the food is quite good. We shared a bottle of wine, chatted, & in the end they took care of my bill. I work with such lovely people!

That evening, my family picked me up & we headed down to Inglewood for dinner. My mom, my brother, & I are all summer babies, so dad treated the three of us to a fantastic dinner at the Nash. I’ve come to expect great things from the Nash & the food certainly did not disappoint. We shared a trio of appetizers to start (in hindsight, probably too many fries. How do you choose between poutine & moules though?).

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Drinks at the Off Cut Bar


I love Sours. The Nash’s Buckskin Sour is a real treat!

Dad + Brother

Dad & Brother

Mom + Alanna

Mom & I

The Nash YYC: Moules and Poutine

Moules & Poutine

The Nash YYC: Tartare of Alberta Beef

Tartare of Alberta Beef

Our mains were equally delicious. We each ordered something different & then shared their feature risotto. I could barely finish my meal, but I certainly wasn’t going to leave any duck behind. After dinner, we headed back to the house, opened a beautiful bottle of wine from Summerhill, & spent some quality time with little O before bed.

The Nash YYC: Duck

My Pan Roasted Duck Breast with Bing Cherry Jus, truffle pain perdu, beetroot, orange & thyme. Incredible!


Hanging with Odin & enjoying some wine with the fam.


Saturday was my actual birthday, & I’d decided to treat myself to a mani pedi. It was the best reward, especially since I’d started my day with a 2 hour training run (I’m running the Seawheeze in August!). I lucked out with some gorgeous sunny weather, so I spent the afternoon hanging outside with Odin & a nice cold glass of rose. No complaints there.


Run & done. !7 km in the books!

Mani pedi & a good read

Mani pedi & a good read


Hanging with Odin in the sun

I’d made a reservation for me & a few girlfriends at Pigeonhole. N & I had gone for my birthday last year & I was itching to go back with a bigger group so I could try more of the menu. Five of my lovely friends joined me & we picked a wide array of dishes off the menu, ordered some beautiful wines, & had the loveliest of evenings. They totally spoiled me, taking care of the bill. (Thank you so much, friends! You’re too wonderful!!) My friend Jan also got me a couple lovely gifts including my favourite Kelowna wine, local honey, some of her artwork, & wrapped in an adorable Bark YYC bandana, a smirnoff ice. Well played, Jan, well played. A couple of my other girlfriends dropped by as we were finishing dessert & bought me a glass of bubbly too, which was lovely. So spoiled!

thirty one

Ready for dinner!


We sat right by the kitchen so we could watch the action.


I love their mismatched china & gorgeous cutlery




I really should have gotten one with all of us


Thanks for the photo, Jan!


Just so happy!


Gull Valley Tomatoes with Sunflower, Sesame, Nori


Amazing white salmon special with crispy skin & edamame.


Grilled Duck Leg with Coconut, Peanut, Thai Basil & Charred Cabbage with Mimolette, Jalapeno Salad Cream


Lamb Breast with Mint, Cress, Apricot


Spoons for sharing dessert

As we got into our second bottle of wine, I forgot to take photos of the rest of our meal. We also ordered the zucchini, chicken liver mousse, beef tartare, & clam casino. I loved everything we ordered, but my favourites were the clams, the lamb, & the chicken liver mousse. Definite winners!

Afterward dinner we headed back to my house where a couple other friends joined us. Odin was definitely ready for some company so we had a couple drinks before everyone headed home to bed. It was as close to perfect as a birthday without N could be. Thank you so much, friends!

The next morning, the birthday treats continued with brunch with my sister in law & my brother in law’s girlfriend. We snagged a spot outside at Container Bar. They serve most of the Brasserie brunch menu, which is fantastic.

Container Bar Brunch

Lovely ladies at brunch


Jules hiding 😉

Dogs in the yard

All the doggies & a beautiful backyard

doggies in a yard

Doesn’t get much better than this

I spent the rest of the day outside with my sister in law, checking out a friend’s fantastic new backyard (& letting the pups play together) & then having a few drinks in our yard. It was such a great day!

Leading up to my birthday I wasn’t sure if I even felt like celebrating, but I’m so glad I did & feel so grateful for my great friends & family for giving me a spectacular birthday weekend. You guys are the best!

June in Instagram

This month’s recap almost didn’t happen. I was thinking about a different post I’m working on, when today’s date popped into my head & I realized I hadn’t done this yet. Whoops! Needless to say, I’ve been a little bit preoccupied lately. Taking care of puppy has been a pretty big undertaking & I’ve mostly been doing it on my own. Luckily, we have some great family members who’s been willing to step in, & I’ve finally been taking them up on that offer. Next step, getting O trained enough that I won’t feel terrible if my friends come take care of him. He’s learning more every week. We’re almost a week into July already, which means Stampede is around the corner & then I’m pretty sure summer is going to fly by, as it usually does. Let’s take a minute here though & look back on what we got up to in June, according to Instagram.

June in Instagram


  1. I think Odin looks a little like Simba sometimes, so I couldn’t resist this shot of N with him. This was at the very beginning of June so I can’t believe how tiny he was!
  2. Girls night in with Odin. We ordered thai, opened some wine, & spent the evening catching up with each other. I’ve known these girls since Jr High & am so glad we still make time to hang out even if it’s becoming less frequent.
  3. Odin got to meet lot of friends & their babies this month! & I got to catch up with this awesome little family twice – once at our BBQ & once on this lovely morning when they made me breakfast.
  4. I’m training for the SeaWheeze in Vancouver in mid August. Been getting some training runs in & working on being more consistent with my long runs. We’ll see if I make that goal in July.
  5. I can’t decide which Odin photo is my favourite, but this one is definitely up there. I cleaned up my converse, put them on, & he immediately went for the laces. Everything is delicious when you’re a pup!
  6. My boys. Odin isn’t often cuddly, but when we do manage to convince him, it’s pretty great. A surprise father’s day dinner wasn’t a bad way to spend our Sunday either!
  7. I’m part of an awesome ladies’ brunch crew called Bitches be Brunchin’. Someone different hosts every 6 weeks. This month, Jan picked Raw Canvas for our brunch. I was initially a little nervous about how my painting would turn out, but it’s growing on me.
  8. I can never resist Anju so when Heather & Brittany suggested we go to the Asian Association dinner, I couldn’t say no. H & I had gone in 2014 & it was incredible. This year didn’t fail to disappoint either – I’ll have to do another post about it (cuz I don’t have enough Anju posts! haha.)
  9. I capped off the month with Meet.Eat.Compete. This time I went with some coworkers. David & Michael got a huge game (30 people!!) of Two Rooms & a Boom going. I love that game! We also played some Coup, Cartagena, & One Night Werewolf. Such an awesome start to the long weekend!

Spring BBQ


After three years of living in a condo with no outdoor space, we were pretty stoked to finally have a house with some. Early this spring, we made plans to host our first BBQ. We picked a weekend when N would be home & started planning, cleaning up the yard,  & purchasing the necessities for hosting a BBQ, such as an actual BBQ.

Two little babies getting cuddles!

Two little babies getting cuddles!

puppy baby

The day finally arrived, & although it wasn’t the gorgeous sunny I’d hoped for, it was warm enough to bbq and enjoy some time outside.

I made a couple salads & we provided buns, chips,  & burger toppings. Of course, being the awesome blogger that I am, I didn’t pull my camera out until later in the day. The salads seemed to be a hit though, especially my take on Chrissy Teigen’s potato salad. Girl can cook – buy the book if you haven’t already.

A couple of our adorable guests

A couple of our adorable guests

Her facial expressions are so cute

Her facial expressions are so cute


Outside Chats

Outside Chats

Things got rolling pretty early in the day with our first guests arriving around 3:30 pm. This is how you know you’re in your thirties – your parties start when the little ones wake up from their naps. For the first few hours, our main house guests were under the age of three. They were all great sports, including our little guy. Odin was super chill with everyone & a real sweetheart with the little guys. He continually impresses me!

tired puppy

A very tuckered out puppy

tired puppy

Moved to his fav spot under the couch

tired puppy

puppy snuggles

Puppy Snuggles

puppy snuggles

As the babies & their parents headed home, the younger crowd joined us. The beer long table came out, & things got a little rowdier. Just a little rough, we were still in bed by 1 am – a pretty early night compared to some of our parties!


Beer Pong

Beer Pong

Beer Pong

This sequence is funny. The boys definitely didn’t agree with a call!

Beer Pong

Beer Pong

Beer Pong

Overall, I think it was a big success. I love hosting parties & getting my friends together in one place. We even had a surprise visit from Heather’s parents at one point! I spent a huge chunk of my final years of university at their house so they were more than welcome.

Do you enjoy hosting friends in your house? What’s your go to salad recipe for a big group?

May in Instagram

My social media has been entirely Odin since we picked him up two weeks ago. He basically consumes my entire life right now. The first day I went to work, N joked that he didn’t know who had worse separation anxiety, me or O. Going to work is a struggle for both of us right now, but it’s getting better every day. He’s still freaking out a bit, but is settling quicker. He eats his puppy pad at some point most days, but I’m hoping that’s just part of this little freak out phase of his. Enough about Odin though, I told myself this post wasn’t going to be about him. We got up to other things in May, pre-puppy things. Let’s take a look at this month according to Instagram.

May in Instagram

  1. I painted our bedroom! You may remember the walls were brown in here, like most of the house. Now they’re a nice bright bluey white. I absolutely love how they turned out! The room is so much brighter now. I’m such an amateur when it comes to painting that I was SO sore after doing this!
  2. We went to Montreal with a big group of friends & had a blast. I love that city so much. Here we are in Mile Ex on an awesome food tour. That neighbourhood has so much cool stuff popping up & I really enjoyed exploring a part of Montreal I don’t know too well.
  3. We went to so many of my old favourites while in the city! DDC! is always on my list when I’m in Montreal, & it never disappoints. I’ve really got to get a post out about everything else we did.
  4. Always a sucker for a photo of one of these walls. I love wandering around a city & just exploring, maybe stopping for a coffee in a cute cafe or a beer on a terrasse. We didn’t do a ton of that seeing as we were such a large group, but we did get some in on Monday before flying out.
  5. One of my best friends was in town for most of the month of May. I wish we could have hung out more, but every time we did was such a treat! Her sister celebrated her birthday with seafood at Rodney’s & some drinks at National. It was a great night!
  6. We bought a BBQ! Woohoo! We knew we wanted one when we bought the house, but figured we’d wait until spring. N’s parents gave us some cash to put towards it as a housewarming gift so we splurged & got one I hope will last many years.
  7. Mom & I stopped at a little winery near my friend, Heather’s, cabin on our way to pick up Odin. It’s such an adorable spot, right on the Shuswap, & their wines are really lovely. We both picked up a few bottles to bring home & I’m really looking forward to enjoying them!
  8. & the Odin takeover photos begin. Our first little family photo outside on our back deck. That little face is my favourite right now. Sorry, N.
  9. Dad & I ran the 10 km race at the Calgary Marathon. It was the perfect day for a run & I absolutely love this route. If you were thinking of running it, do it! It goes through some of my favourite parts of Calgary & is quite a well attended race. I ran with my dad for most of the race, which was a fun way to spend some time together! One year, I’d like to really train for a 10 km & see what I can do.

So that was May! I can’t believe summer is already here. N was home for most of the month & it was such a welcome change for us. It’s back to reality now though, & back to that part time single life. At least, I’ve got Odin to keep me company now though!

April in Instagram

It’s been a bit of a crazy week around here. I started it off with some really sore muscles from a weekend of painting our master bedroom & bathroom. I ran into some hiccups on Saturday & then powered through with painting all Sunday. I was at it for about twelve hours straight, not the smartest decision in hindsight.

Tuesday, things got pretty scary as the wildfire burning in Northern Alberta intensified & the entire town of Fort McMurray was forced to evacuate. It’s hard to imagine going through that type of situation. My heart goes out to those families who’ve lost so much. N works in a camp a couple hours north of Fort Mac & was evacuated on Wednesday morning to make room for some of the 88,000 fire evacuees. I’m glad to have him back in Calgary & even further from the blaze. He was scheduled to fly home tonight, but I’m glad he could give his room up to someone else in need. I hope they can get control of the fire soon!

On that note, let’s talk about what we got up to in April, according to Instagram.

instagram 2016-05-04

  1. Visiting with my godpuppy, Willow. She’s a rescue & I just love her!
  2. We had to say goodbye to an old pal. N’s family  made the extremely tough decision to put their 17-year-old bichon, Lucky, down this month. He lived a good long life. I love this photo of N with him from Christmas.
  3. I attended the Bite Me More book launch party for their new book: Lick Your Plate with H. They had some delicious treats & drinks for us to try, & we ran into some friends too!
  4. My first recipe attempt for our new Bon Appetit subscription was Tuna Poke. A little bit daring with raw ahi tuna, but definitely worth going out of my comfort zone.
  5. Trying to keep up with my running goals & go three times a week. Sometimes I’m all over it & other weeks, I have to count my bike rides as a work out. I should take more running selfies though; they’re kind of hilarious to me.
  6. I joined the Beakerhead photocrew & the rest of the social media crew for a sneak peak into what’s coming this year. Whitehall unveiled this year’s Engineered Eats theme, MILK, with the coolest rice pudding I’ve ever seen!
  7. I scored an invite to the awesome Poutine Week event, the Gravy Bowl, at Anju & had the opportunity to meet my favourite Chef, Roy Oh. This is totally my idea of celebrity!
  8. One of my favourite simple meals is mussels. Satisfying, quick, & so easy – I’m always blown away when we remember to make ourselves some of the beauties for dinner.
  9. I couldn’t recap April 2016 without mentioned the weather, no matter how cliche it is. In the 20 years since we moved to Calgary, I’ve never seen a spring like this. Trees are blooming, I’ve got a bit of a tan, & I’m addicted to biking to work already! Perfection!

That’s it for this month. How was your April? Any exciting plans coming in May? We’ve got some big ones, but I’m keeping them a secret for now. 😉


That lake life

Lake 3

I’ve been in and around water my whole life. Growing up, my parents had a 26-foot cabin cruiser that we spent most vacations on, cruising from island to island. My love & respect for the water began there. Competitive swimming naturally followed. I spent years swimming back and forth, back and forth, & I don’t regret a single lap. I went on to swim varsity in university, which lead to coaching & teaching swimming lessons when I retired. I just couldn’t stay away from the water!

& I’m the first to admit that most water-related activities come much easier to me than those on land – I aced my scuba diving tests, for example, even though everyone made fun of me for falling asleep in the classroom portion. Stick me on a wakeboard & I’ll impress you far more than I ever could with its snowier counterpart. Frankly, I’m awkward on land, & anyone who knows me well will undoubtedly agree. At any given moment, I can point out at least one bruise from this awkwardness. (Maybe this comes as a surprise after all those super graceful gymnastics photos of me. The real gymnasts are very entertained by my attempts.)

Dock with N


As I’ve gotten older, I’ve spent less & less time in the water. I’m certainly not as excited at the prospect of spending multiple hours working out in a pool anymore. & while I do love a good swim workout from time to time, I prefer to get my water fix at the lake or in the ocean.

My parents spent a few years looking for property on a lake before they settled on Columbia Lake, in the East Kootenay. They built a beautiful house &, almost a decade later, it has become one of my favourite places to get away to. Its proximity to Calgary is a huge draw. A three hour drive away, it’s an easy weekend trip. It’s quiet, relaxing, & absolutely gorgeous. There are restrictions on mooring, so it’s a lot quieter than its very popular sister, Lake Windermere (Something I’m always grateful for as a wakeboarder. Give me calm water & space!).

I usually only pop out for a long weekend, here & there, but last summer we stopped out there for a few extra days, hoping to log some hours on the boat as the season drew to a close.

Dock Alanna-2

Unfortunately, the fires put a bit of a damper on those plans. Visibility was fine by the time we got out there, but the smoke kept the temperatures low. It seemed the sun just couldn’t break through. Nonetheless, I thought these photos were beautiful in their own way. You can’t see either of the mountain ranges very clearly, & it’s not the crystal clear water & blue skies that come to mind when I think of summertime out there, but it’s still beautiful.

Lake 1

Lake 2


The always gorgeous view of Columbia Lake

I wound up sick while we were on this trip, so I didn’t take a lot of photos. As I was sorting through the ones for my anniversary post, I came across these & thought they were pretty in a different kind of way & figured I might as well share. I’m getting excited for summer & more time out at the lake. One of favourite things to do is grab coffee out on the lakehouse’s front deck. Sometimes those simple little things become my favourites.

Spent the weekend taking lots of patio naps.

Spent the weekend taking lots of patio naps.

Do you have a special place like this? What’s your favourite thing to do in the warmer months?

March in Instagram

Having posted my February recap so late, it seems silly to be doing this one already. But now that everything is back up & running smoothly on the blog, I want to get back to my regular posting schedule.

March felt mostly pretty quiet, for the most part. It was the first month in a while that we didn’t have anything huge going on. N worked extra to make up for taking vacation so it really didn’t feel like he was around much, & honestly, I guess he wasn’t. I managed to fill my time with friends & family though and we made the most of it when he was home at the end of the month for Easter. I think we’re both a bit over the two weeks away, one week home schedule &, unfortunately, he’s only about halfway through. We often lament that we don’t understand how people do this for years. Kudos to you if you do, but it’s not something we want to continue indefinitely if we can avoid it.

Anyway, here’s what we got up to in March according to Instagram.

March Instagram Recap 2016

  1. With daylight savings, came longer after-work hours. It’s always a little tough to go back to waking in the dark, but I prefer having more daylight after work.
  2. Mom treated me to a lovely dinner at Divino for #bigtasteyyc. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal & had a great evening together. Thanks, mom!
  3. We’ve had a killer spring so far. I can already tell that this upper balcony view is going to become a staple for me. I’m working on the hammock set up & will be chilling rosė for summer evenings out there.
  4. Dinner with two of my oldest Calgary friends. When Alli told me she’d be in town from Vienna, I was so excited that we could make a dinner date happen. Bonus that Robbie decided to cook us a delicious curry & let me play with his adorable pup!
  5. Parties at H & Z‘s house mean puppy cuddles all night. Benny puts up with a lot from us! He’s a good sport despite our shenanigans.
  6. Back at Meet Eat Compete this month. We had a big group this time & discovered two new great games. Now to decide who’s buying Deception. ?
  7. My dad’s pizza is one of my favourites. He makes a mean crust, mom makes the best sauce, & they always scout out the best toppings. It’s always a Good Friday (haha) when we get pizza at the lake!
  8. Brought back some tequila from Mexico & tested in our margaritas. They turned out dangerously delicious. Sipping them in the hot tub almost made me feel like I was back on vacation.
  9. We had a great day skiing Panorama with my family. The snow wasn’t fantastic, but the weather couldn’t have been better, the company was wonderful, & the views get me every time.

What did you get up to last month? Any great Big Taste finds this year?

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