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Road Tripping: Cannon Beach

Instead of taking the I-5 all the way to Portland from Vancouver, we took a detour to the coast at Olympia. I’d driven interstate highways before and knew they were quick, efficient, and mostly incredibly boring. My dad’s own trip down the Pacific Coast Highway in his Triumph TR-6 had sparked my interest in doing the same. We wouldn’t be able to head all the way down, but when planning our trip, I couldn’t resist sneaking in this little detour.

We’d originally planned to head all the way down to Tillamook and then start heading towards Portland. I’d planned a stop at Cannon Beach after seeing countless gorgeous photos of it. We arrived around dinner time and wandered around the beachy little tourist town in search of some french seafood to go. All the restaurants were packed (and total tourist traps). All we wanted was something french we could take away to the beach.

We finally found a little place, grabbed our fish and chips, and hit the beach. As you can see from the photos, it was a beautiful evening. The light was incredible and the beach is breathtaking. We decided to head straight to Portland from there instead of continuing further down the PCH to Tillamook. I think we both decided we’d be back though. Next time, we’ll go all the way to California.


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  1. These photos are AMAZING!! I need to go there.

  2. Definitely worth the drive! It's one of my favourite parts of our trip!

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